Business License FAQ’s:

Who is required to obtain a business license with the City of Sheffield?
All persons, firms, corporations, or businesses located inside the City of Sheffield, or outside the city but conducting a trade, business, commerce, occupation, profession, exhibition, vocation, or performing services in the city.

When should I purchase a business license?
Prior to beginning operations.  Renewals are due in January each year and expire December 31.

Where do I purchase a business license?
The City Clerk’s Office at 600 N. Montgomery Avenue.

What if I have two locations where I do business?
Each license is location specific.  A separate business license must be purchased for each location.

How much will a license cost?
Most licenses are based on gross receipts.  You can contact the Revenue Officer for a fee schedule for your type of business.

Will I receive a bill for renewal of my business license?
Yes, renewal applications are sent out in December each year and are due in January.  You have the option of having it mailed, e-mailed, or faxed.

Where can I get a business license application?
One is available online. Just look under FORMS.  You may also pick one up in our office or call and one can be faxed or e-mailed to you.